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简介—— How to prevent container corrosion in Chengdu construction site, the following are several anti-corrosion methods, let's take a look at it。Around some construction sites we will see some houses made of colored steel plates

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How to preventChengdu site containerCorroded, the following are several anti-corrosion methods, let's take a look。

Around some construction sites we will see some houses built with colored steel plates, which are also called activity houses。The purpose of these houses is to give the construction workers a place to rest close to the construction site。

1.High temperature zinc: Hot dip zinc is a very high temperature resistant product;During its production, it has to be immersed in a high temperature of more than 600 degrees;The construction environment of the coating requires less dust content, no dust on the surface of the component, and no rain within four hours, so as to achieve the purpose of high temperature resistance and corrosion prevention。

Chengdu site container

2.Thermal spraying layer: Generally, aluminum or zinc composite coating is used, and the advantage of this coating is that it has strong compliance with the size of the component。

3.Coating method: Coating anti-corrosion or high temperature zinc is more suitable, and it is coated on many indoor steel structures。This coating is characterized by low cost。

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