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Chengdu site activity board house

简介—— What are the characteristics of Chengdu mobile room, let's take a look。1, the color steel plate through the adhesive steel plate and polystyrene bonding rolling, give full play to the characteristics of different materials, so as to move

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Chengdu site activity board house

Chengdu mobile homeWhat are the characteristics of it? Let's take a look。

1, the color steel plate through the adhesive steel plate and polystyrene bonding rolling, give full play to the characteristics of different materials, so that the mobile room has good fire resistance and thermal insulation and sound insulation performance。

2, all components of the mobile house are standardized prefabricated by the factory, which is not only convenient for installation and disassembly, but also enriches the layout of the mobile house and the functionality of the house by freely adding, reducing and changing the location of doors, Windows and partitions。

3, mobile house components materials to achieve recycling, components galvanized, sustainable use for 20 years, the use of the process does not produce any construction waste。

4, the complete disassembly of mobile house components makes the house easy to transport and save costs。

5, the steel structure system makes the mobile house with excellent resistance 86.Wind speed of 4km/h;The structure of light movable board house makes the house show good integrity when the earthquake disaster is stronger than the earthquake fortification intensity of 7 degrees。

6, the high-rise activity room adopts the cold-formed thin-wall light steel structure system, the wall and roof are covered with color steel composite sandwich board。

7. The roof of the mobile house with large slope adopts structural waterproof design to enhance the airtight and watertight property of the house。

8, the mobile room light weight, easy to install, 6 skilled workers can install 200 square meters of housing a day。

9, when the mobile room leaves the factory, according to the actual application, choose to add the suspended ceiling, disassemble the ground, disassemble the eaves, color steel doors and other accessories。

10, the activity board room is strong adaptability to the environment, easy to install on site, can be used as a large number of economic, cheap temporary office, accommodation and other purposes

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