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  • 2022/7/22 Chengdu container room to choose the best quality

    We will find that now in Chengdu container as a more commonly used equipment in the modern transportation industry, has been very widely invested in all aspects of the development of the industry。For example, this kind of house is also based on the needs of some creative people, creating a more common container house。There may be some...

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  • 2022/6/28 We will continue to promote rural revitalization

    2022年4月11日,习近平总书记来到海南省五指山市水满乡毛纳村考察。Knowing that the villagers' development of the forest economy was getting better and better, the general secretary smiled and said to the fellow villagers: "Poverty alleviation and revitalization should be connected, this is to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation, and this is to take the first step toward revitalization.。"Hongqi Town, Qiongshan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province...

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  • 2022/5/25 About the installation method and bearing capacity of Chengdu color steel activity room

    In Chengdu steel activity board house and building almost,It's actually leveling the perimeter and the base of the partition,With reinforced concrete,Relatively strong;Then put up a pillar.,The frame is joined by transverse beams,Upper partition board, outer wall board and door and window frame;Follow the floor,Put another layer up,Then the roof truss and roof panel;Window fitting,Tensile vertical bracing。还有…

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  • 2022/2/21 Chengdu people living in container houses 3 points to note

    In modern buildings, temporary homes, factories, schools in remote areas, sightseeing hotels, construction site dormitories, exhibition halls and other places may use temporary construction activity rooms。Professional container activity rooms are generally made of steel or iron, easy to install and disassemble, diverse colors, and rich architectural elements。Below and Xiaobian together to understand the precautions in the use of containers...

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  • 2022/1/17 What are the types and markets of integrated houses in Chengdu?

    Integrated houses, also known as prefabricated buildings, are built with industrial production methods, and some or all of the components of the building are prefabricated in the factory, and then transported to the construction site to assemble the components through a reliable connection。In Europe, America and Japan, it is called industrial housing or industrial housing。China's integrated housing most...

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  • 2021/11/10 Chengdu integrated housing can live for how long?

    The use time of integrated houses mainly depends on the quality of materials selected and the conditions of use。If used on the construction site, the material is generally no more than 5 years old。If you pay attention to maintenance, the time will be long。Of course, the board house on the construction site won't take that long。The integrated house consists of a structural system, a ground system, a floor system, a wall system, and a roof system.

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  • 2021/9/28 What should be noted when living in container houses in Chengdu

    Chengdu resident container installation fast,recyclable,It is a priority for the construction of temporary housing,Container houses, post-disaster housing, container toilets and other living forms have been developed,The container house is temporary housing,But it has the wind resistance, moisture resistance, heat insulation and other functions must have in order to make people comfortable living,Here is a brief introduction...

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  • 2021/8/31 What causes the leakage of container living room in Chengdu

    Chengdu living container leakage is what reason?Huainan living container summed up the reasons for the leakage of container mobile rooms are mainly caused by four points:

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  • 2021/7/22 Analysis of the characteristics of Chengdu residential container to determine the scope of application

    The beginning of the transformation of Chengdu residential container is a nautical box, which is a common specification called twenty feet cabinet, and it is different from the current residential container that the original design is used to load, and there are limitations in the width and height。Chengdu living container creative, gimmick!Its advantages are as follows...

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  • 2021/6/9 Chengdu container about the characteristics of architecture and design techniques

    Container building you are more popular, often in some site construction occasions as a temporary living site, in the market is more popular, then analyze the characteristics of container building and design techniques。1.Advantages The container itself has a high strength, and the ability to bear loads even exceeds that of ordinary buildings.

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