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About the installation method and bearing capacity of Chengdu color steel activity room

Author: admin Date: 2022/5/25 Attention: Qr code sharing

Chengdu color steel activity board houseSimilar to building, in fact, it is the surrounding and partition wall base leveling, with reinforced concrete, more solid;Then the pillars are erected, and the transverse beams are used to connect the skeleton, the upper partition board, the outer wall board and the door and window frame;Then lay the floor, then put a layer up, and then the roof truss and roof panel;Install doors, Windows, etc., and pull vertical supports。There are sanitary ware, hardware and so on。Let's take a look!

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In fact, this is the light steel construction,It is very similar to the heavy steel structure plant, and the color steel activity house shading project refers to the construction process,After finishing the last process,Will be masked by the next step,Parts that cannot be stopped for inspection after completion,Do room decoration,"Shade engineering" is the key,If the "shade project" doesn't work,How beautifully decorated it is,In vain。

"Shade works" can be divided into water devices, electrical devices and moisture-proof, waterproof and other items。Each of these projects should not be ignored, if any link goes wrong, it may bring serious economic losses, and even harm personal safety。Waterproof engineering construction process and data identification, to prevent unnecessary economic losses and injuries。

The bearing capacity editor first calculates the total amount of equipment in the mobile room and the room, then calculates the bending moment of the rough action on the steel beam, and then uses m (max) /w (x) /1.05 can be calculated。If you want to simple, directly use 1/4* total load * steel beam length to get the bending moment。And then I use m (max) /w (x) /1.05 can calculate the bearing capacity。

Chengdu color steel activity room | Chengdu color steel activity room manufacturers | Chengdu color steel activity room prices

Above aboutChengdu color steel activity roomShare here, I do not know you are satisfied with the answer to the small series?If you need to add or want to know about the place, welcome to leave a message to the editor。



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