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Chengdu people living in container houses 3 points to note

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In modern buildings, temporary homes, factories, schools in remote areas, sightseeing hotels, construction site dormitories, exhibition halls and other places may use temporary construction activity rooms。In Chengdu, container activity rooms are generally made of steel or iron, easy to install and disassemble, diverse colors, and rich architectural elements。Below and Xiaobian together to understand the nextChengdu living containerPrecautions in use。

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1, try to fix on the ground

Nowadays, many people living in container activity rooms will use color steel plate structure in order to consider the architectural beauty, the weight of the color steel plate mechanism is slightly lighter than the full steel structure, and it should be paid attention to the bottom fixed device to firmly fix it on the ground to prevent the attack of strong winds。Generally speaking, the wind is small in the inland areas of our country, and normal residential containers can generally withstand blows, but in coastal cities, typhoons occur from time to time, and it is necessary to strengthen residential containers as far as possible。

2, fire prevention work needs attention

Do a good job of fire prevention of container housing,Usually need to pay attention to: first, do not carry out electric welding construction near the wall;Second, the use of the stove in the box in winter needs to use a certain fireproof device;Third, the internal line laying of the box should use metal pipes or refractory pipes as far as possible,And ensure that the line is grounded;Fourth, it is prohibited to use flammable items such as blowlamps in housing materials。

Chengdu resident container | Chengdu resident container manufacturers | Chengdu resident container customization

3. Pay attention to multi-layer superposition

The multi-layer superposition referred to here refers to the superposition of more than three layers。For some color steel plate activity rooms, due to its low texture, multi-layer superposition may have more serious security risks。

The above mentioned is the precautions in the use of residential container mobile homes。In modern architecture, many architectural designers will have valuable container elements added to the main body of the building, some architects will use multiple superposition, but its superposition is usually in the box material selection, process, stress mechanism have made a special design。If you really need multiple layers to obtain a certain aesthetic can also be completed by special design。

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