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What are the types and markets of integrated houses in Chengdu?

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对于Chengdu integrated housingAlso known as prefabricated construction, it is the use of industrial production methods to build buildings, but also part or all of the components of the building are prefabricated in the factory, and then transported to the construction site to assemble the components through a reliable connection。In Europe, America and Japan, it is called industrial housing or industrial housing。

The earliest integrated housing in China can be traced back to the 1980s, when China introduced integrated housing from Japan and built hundreds of light steel structure low-rise villas;Then in the 1990s, several foreign companies entered the domestic market and built several multi-storey light steel structure integrated residential buildings in Beijing, Shanghai and other places。The real large-scale integrated construction business has gradually developed in recent years, and at present, a preliminary system has been formed in research and development, design and manufacturing, construction and installation in China。

Chengdu integrated housing

1.Private housing market

According to estimates, the annual increase in the number of urban villas and rural single-family houses is predicted to be about 300,000 units, corresponding to the penetration rate of short-term integrated housing, and the demand for low-rise integrated houses in this market segment will be about 26,000 units by 2020。In the future, the annual demand for low-rise integrated housing is about 350,000 units。

2.Tourism and vacation market

As the domestic tourism industry is still in the investment stage, this direction is only used as a short and medium term market growth driver。It is expected that by 2020, the investment in construction will be about 130 billion yuan, and it is estimated that the market value of low-rise integrated housing will be about 11 billion yuan。The hotel investment, given the overall slowdown in the domestic hotel industry, is expected to bring about 680,000 square meters of market demand by 2020。

3.Pension market

According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs plan, by 2020 China has a maximum of 289.According to the construction gap of 80,000 beds, if the penetration rate of integrated housing reaches 15% by 2020, the elderly care real estate will correspondingly bring 2.7 million square meters of new construction demand。

In general, combined with the above estimates, in the short-term stage of the next 3-5 years, the market size of low-rise structural buildings will be about 10 billion, and the long-term stage of 15-20 years will become a market of 100 billion。

Chengdu integrated housing

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