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Product center display
The service life of the Crown container is 50 years Leading the concept of energy-saving and environmentally friendly modern architecture
Guanwang has a reserve size of 2,000 square meters of containers
Meet the leasing needs of various fields
Service hotline 18123399969
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  • Lease sales flexibility Customize lease costs to save Rental sales are flexible and customized
    The cost of leasing is saved

    Flexibly customize more suitable leasing methods according to the industry's off-peak season;Tailor-made for more economical sales according to business conditions & Leasing scheme。

  • The installation is completed and put into use efficiently on the same day as the order is placed Installed the same day as the order is placed
    Efficient completion and use

    Large-scale storage of conventional products, the same day signing, the same day delivery installation, short period, quickly put into use

  • The price system is transparent with no hidden charges Price system transparency
    No hidden costs

    Only 6 yuan a day, so you can spend clearly, there is no possibility of additional hidden rental costs

  • Rental services cover the whole country and regular services follow Leasing business covers the whole country
    Regular service follows

    Provide 7*24 professional and intimate service 365 days a year, anytime, anywhere to solve customers' problems

  • Case center display

    case center display

    The reason to choose usCrown 4 major standards, container rental & Sales integrated service platformIntegrated service platform

    Quality standard Quality standard

    Years of focus on the field of containers, continuous research, repeated testing and verification, and constantly improve the product
    Design, materials, housing structure, construction methods have been comprehensively upgraded
    Fire resistance, earthquake resistance, sound insulation, light weight and other aspects of the performance and detection indicators are higher than the national standards

    Warehousing standard Storage standard

    2,000 square meters of storage space conventional containers are stocked for a long time, and the inventory is sufficient to ensure timely delivery
    Special specifications demand, arrange factory 24 hours uninterrupted production, 1-2 days delivery

    Quality standards, storage standards
    Construction standard Construction standard

    Professional installation team rushed to the scene, strict implementation of container installation standards
    Free on-site assembly, short cycle, to ensure that the container is put into use in a short time

    Service standard Service standards

    Customer priority, comprehensive and rapid service system, every request
    According to the requirements of Party A, provide reasonable design and cooperation methods
    A single enquiry phone number solves all problems

    Construction standards, service standards
    Same-day rental same-day delivery installation
    Let you get more benefit output with less cost
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    Service hotline 18123399969

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    Customer witness center

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    Company profile Center

    Sheng World Crown King Container Co., LTD

    Chengdu Shengshi Guanwang Container Co., LTD,Is a domestic container, modular building as the industrial base,With the dual capabilities of "design/build dual integration" and "project operation", To provide creative design, construction and integration of comprehensive service companies for the tourism and vacation industry, urbanization services, creative business services, private customization and other fields。 Container building customization: Based on the container building construction as the industrial base, the relevant supply chain is deeply integrated, and new materials, intelligent products, high-tech technology and so on should be used。 Modular housing research and development: Continuous optimization of modular production in the design and construction of container buildings...

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