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  • 2023/2/7 Shengshi Crown show you the advantages of container houses in Chengdu

    Shengshi Crown show you the advantages of container houses in Chengdu。(1) It can be used repeatedly for a long time and has sufficient strength。(2) transit does not need to move the goods in the box, you can directly change the loading。(3) Can be quickly loaded and unloaded。(4) It is convenient to fill and unload the goods;(5) Large volume, load more goods。(6…

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  • 2022/4/22 Sichuan integrated housing performance advantages and disadvantages

    Sichuan integrated housing performance advantages and disadvantages do you know?The following is a small series to tell you about the integrated house by the structural system, the ground system, the floor system, the wall system, the roof system, each system is composed of several unit modules, the unit module is manufactured in the factory, the house site is assembled by the unit module。Integrated housing can be disassembled, can...

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  • 2022/3/16 What are the advantages of folding containers in Chengdu

    Now, with limited urban land, especially in the booming cities, the influx of many people out of the country has made the housing supply increasingly serious。The container type mobile house has solved the problem of people's living well, and has become a construction system that has impacted the fashion trend, and can move anytime and anywhere, bringing people a more convenient and comfortable life。Living in Chengdu...

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  • 2021/12/22 In Chengdu modern living container three characteristics, you know a few?

    In Chengdu, the three characteristics of modern living containers, you know how many?Since the launch of the container, has been favored by the majority of consumers, for solving the rapid increase in real estate prices has a certain inhibitory effect, on the other hand, the container can also better achieve a reasonable high standard of housing requirements, with the needs of the container.

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  • 2021/8/26 What are the main daily maintenance measures for Chengdu resident containers, do you know?

    Whether it is a packing room, or some other items, it will be directly affected by the sun for a long time, which will cause harm to the items, and the container is no exception。…

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  • 2021/7/7 Chengdu container construction application

    The development of residential container construction in China has started slowly, the application is relatively few, and the demand for people is relatively low。At present, the application of residential container buildings in China is mainly reflected in the following aspects, and take a look at it with Chengdu Container Editor。…

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  • 2021/6/30 Criteria for the selection and safe use of roofing panels for integrated houses in Chengdu

    The selection and safe use of roof panels for integrated houses in Chengdu: 1, fire prevention is the most important...

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  • 2021/4/13 Container houses in Chengdu have promoted the development of the construction industry

    Talk about the development trend of containers in the future, and now in the construction industry, container houses are a new type of mobile assembly splicing houses。Since the unit of this house is a box, it maintains the appearance of a container in the appearance, so it is called a container house, and the container house is constantly developing.

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  • 2021/2/28 What are the main materials of container manufacturing in Chengdu?

    Chengdu container is now used very much a kind of temporary housing, the following small series to tell you about the manufacturing of container materials, take a look: the main manufacturing materials of containers: CORTEN steel,MGSS stainless iron,HGSS stainless steel,AL aluminum, polyurethane。1. CORTEN steel...

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  • 2021/2/19 How to choose a good Chengdu integrated housing

    There are many integrated houses used in life, and the size discrimination of integrated houses also needs to be understood according to their appearance processing, the performance of good quality products is reliable, the connection between various components is firm and stable, meets the standard, the error is small, and the surface of the box is coated with uniform moisture-proof paint。Here is a simple introduction to the selection of integrated housing...

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