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5 ways to treat feces in mobile toilets in Chengdu scenic area

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Mobile toilets in Chengdu scenic area5 ways to dispose of feces

1. Water flushing and waterless flushing and pumping mobile public toilets

Generally, the water tank is placed on the top of the toilet, and the bottom of the toilet is provided with a sewage tank, while the non-flushing mobile public toilet has no flushing device, and the sewage tank located at the bottom of the toilet directly accepts the excrement of the user。

Because these two forms of mobile toilet sewage tank capacity is small, when used to the specified number of people, it is necessary to suction in time, otherwise it is easy to overflow, suction frequency is higher。

Mobile toilets in Chengdu scenic area

2, circulating water flush type mobile public toilet

The portable toilet is equipped with intermittent aerobic and anaerobic treatment of fecal sewage devices,Biological strains are added,Using biofilm technology,Accelerate the fermentation decomposition of fecal sewage,Then it goes through the filter,Recycle treated fecal sewage for toilet flushing,It is characterized by the use of advanced fecal sewage treatment technology,Save precious water resources,Reduce fecal sewage suction times,The concept of environmental protection has been fully demonstrated。

3, dry packaging type mobile public toilet

This kind of portable toilet has no water flushing device, and the excrement is carried by the degradable plastic bag placed under the sanitary ware. Each time a person uses it, another plastic bag is automatically replaced, and the plastic bag is collected centrally and transported to the treatment plant for disposal。This kind of mobile public toilet is characterized by no water flushing, saving water resources, and convenient collection of dirt。

4, foam sealing type mobile public toilet

Foam closed mobile public toilet is the use of foam produced by the foam liquid mixture instead of toilet flushing,In use,A foam channel is provided on the side wall of the toilet,The compressed air of the foam toilet is passed through the compressed air delivery pipe to the foam exciter,The foam emitted by the foam box covers the inside of the toilet through the foam channel without odor,Use foam instead of water for toilet flushing,The system meets foaming water by collecting hand wash,So maximize the conservation of water resources。

5, microbial mobile public toilet

The excrement from the microbial mobile toilet enters the solid-liquid separation device by automatically opening the bedpan. The device can filter the urine, push the stool away and separate it, and then treat it separately。

Mobile toilets in Chengdu scenic area

The stool is separated and goes into the fermentation tank,The initial ingredients, wood chips, biological strains and feces are mixed by a spiral propeller,Decompose under the action of microorganisms,Separated as CO2 and H2O,Degradation rate ≥99%;The urine is filtered and then passed into the integrated urine treatment system,After aeration, evaporation, decolorization and other processes, it is treated into water backflush urinal,Form a cycle

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