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Let's take a look at the advantages of Chengdu mobile toilets?How to customize?

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In Chengdu city constructionEco-friendly portable toiletMore placed in densely populated streets, parks, scenic spots, etc., applied in these important places, it is enough to see the urgent need for people to go to the toilet, fully showing the importance of mobile toilets。

Chengdu portable toilet

Portable toilets have features such as disconnecting from the power source;Flexible design,Harmonizing with the surrounding landscape;As sanitary as flushing water;Not limited by the ambient temperature of use;Unlimited usage and frequency;Low energy consumption and low operating cost;Realize harmless disposal of excrement;Easy to maintain;Good removable mobility;High degree of intelligence,Thus becoming one of the most popular environmental protection public construction。

Movable public toilets effectively reduce the waste of human, material and land resources brought about by the construction of public toilets。Most of the environment-friendly portable toilets are customized products, and customization needs to be selected according to local conditions such as the use scenario and fecal treatment method。

Chengdu portable toilet

关于Chengdu portable toiletCustomization, it can be designed according to user needs applicable public toilets, and manufacturers direct sales of public toilets, the cost of the same grade of public toilets can save more than 50% for users, direct terminal customization, including design, production, installation, after-sales and so on。

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