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Shengshi Crown show you the advantages of container houses in Chengdu

Author: admin Release Date: 2023/2/7 Attention: Qr code sharing

The Crown of the World brings you to see whereChengdu container houseThe advantage of。

Chengdu container house

(1) It can be used repeatedly for a long time and has sufficient strength。

(2) transit does not need to move the goods in the box, you can directly change the loading。

(3) Can be quickly loaded and unloaded。

(4) It is convenient to fill and unload the goods;

(5) Large volume, load more goods。

(6) Specifications, in the port and on board can be stacked, saving a lot of space。

Maintenance of temporary box room:

1. First of all, live in the sun protection of the box room,In fact, the sun is the source of destruction,The sun shines directly on any object every day,Can cause objects to take damage,Living in a box is no exception,So it was stored in a human container,Always pay attention to shade,同样,When it rains,Also be sure to take precautions against rain,alike,Rain is also easy to corrodes the container ,While living in a box room need to move ,Mainly afraid of the transportation process,Encounter an obstacle,Scratches the protective layer on the surface of the box,It's easy to erode,Reduce the overall life cycle of the house,Therefore, it is necessary to avoid some possible collision obstacles in transportation。

Chengdu container house

2, fire is the current construction site often happens, if you use the container room is foam color steel plate, then pay more attention to fire prevention。

以上Chengdu container houseShare here, I do not know you are satisfied with the answer to the small series?If you need to add or want to know about the place, welcome to leave a message to the editor。

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