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  • 2023/3/17 Starting from 2024, Chongqing will set up six unified art courses

    Original title: From 2024, Chongqing will set up six major unified examination of art, the reporter was informed on the 15th from the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission that the "Implementation plan for the Art major examination enrollment of Chongqing ordinary colleges and universities" (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation plan") was officially released。The "Implementation plan" clearly states that from 2024 onwards, Chongqing will set up a unified professional examination.

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  • 2022/12/6 Why is integrated housing the future trend in Chengdu?

    Integrated housing was born in the late 1950s。The main concept is to process the load-bearing structure represented by the steel structure according to the design requirements through prefabrication of walls and roofs in the factory, and can be quickly assembled into a complete set of houses。In foreign countries, almost everywhere you can see the figure of integrated houses, to build an ordinary residential house...

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  • 2021/11/22 Information I follow search talks broke down!Europe abruptly halted a $20 billion Boeing order after China rejected it

    Military aviation equipment update fast, and countries in the aircraft to come up with a lot of innovation, in contrast, the development of civil aviation is relatively slow, after all, a plane is full of people, everyone's life safety is the most important。As a leader in civil aviation, Boeing's customers are also globally oriented.

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  • 2019/5/31 The employment rate of the first 100 technician project recipients reached 100 percent after graduation

    On May 31, the graduation ceremony and employment conference of the first hundred Engineers engineering assisted students was held in Chengdu Electrical and Mechanical Engineering School。More than 870 students from poor families across the province completed three years of vocational education and formally started to work。This means that the first graduates of the project have all achieved employment。Hundred technicians engineering is our province in the country...

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  • 2019/1/22 Advantages of container houses in Chengdu

    The advantages of container houses in Chengdu: first, convenient transportation,Especially suitable for frequently change the construction point of the unit;Second, strong and durable,All made of steel,Strong seismic and deformation resistance;Third, good sealing performance,Strict manufacturing process makes this mobile room with good water tightness;4. The mobile room is based on the standard steel chassis,Can be derived from...

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  • 2018/12/15 Chengdu resident container maintenance and use precautions?

    Precautions for maintenance and use of residential containers?After the container is built, Shengshi King suggests that you do not change the housing structure of the container, only a small thing is also, a whole body, once the change is made, then it may have a huge impact, if the screws are found to be relaxed...

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  • 2018/5/22 Whether Sichuan living container has a toilet?

    Whether Sichuan living container has a toilet?Let's see。The styles used to make container toilets for residents generally have two bathrooms, five bathrooms, and eight bathrooms for men and women。The more used is a five-person bathroom, this type of bathroom is an open bathroom, and a row of five single sanitary...

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  • 2018/5/22 What problems should be paid attention to in Chengdu integrated housing?

    What problems should be paid attention to in Chengdu integrated housing?Let's see。1, please do not weld near the wall;2, summer heating and stoves should be equipped with fireproof assembly;3, necessary for waterproof treatment of containers, it is strictly prohibited to use blowtorch on Hengyu materials;4, indoor line laying should adopt metal pipes, should be reliably grounded...

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  • 2018/5/22 How to judge which structure of integrated houses in Chengdu is not good?

    How to judge which structure of integrated houses in Chengdu is not good?We mainly start from six aspects。[A] Design: The design of Chengdu living container activity room introduces modern home elements, with a single box as a unit, any combination of superposition, sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture, heat insulation and other aspects of performance is better;The design of the movable board house is made of steel...

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  • 2018/5/22 What are the materials usually used in the production of Chengdu containers?

    What are the materials usually used in the production of Chengdu containers?Let's take a look at that today。What does the container do?Notice containers, used containers, container houses and closer, living containers.In understanding container rental;After this series, I just know that knowing more about containers is just starting from scratch。I see outside the container almost...

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