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Starting from 2024, Chongqing will set up six unified art courses

Author: admin Date: 2023/3/17 Attention: Qr code sharing

Original title: From 2024, Chongqing will set up 6 unified art courses

The reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission on the 15th that the implementation Plan for the Art Major examination enrollment of Chongqing ordinary colleges and universities (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Plan) has been officially released。

The Implementation Plan is clear,From 2024 onwards,There are 6 subjects in Chongqing: Art and Design, Music [including music education, music performance (vocal music), music performance (instrumental music)], dance, performance (directing) [including drama film and television performance, costume performance, drama film and television director], broadcasting and hosting, and calligraphy。Adopt the city unified proposition, unified examination, unified marking paper (or interview scoring) way。

From 2024 onwards, universities in Chongqing will no longer set up cross-provincial school examination centers, Chongqing will no longer accept universities outside the city to set up school examination centers in Chongqing, and all college art major school examination work will be organized in the location of the school。In addition, the number of on-site school exams will be strictly controlled, in principle, no more than 6-8 times the enrollment plan of related majors。

The Implementation plan said,Art majors that use Chongqing Unified examination results as professional examination results,On the basis that the candidates' cultural scores in the college entrance examination and the Chongqing Unified examination scores have reached the corresponding minimum control scores,Colleges and universities will evaluate students' comprehensive quality according to their comprehensive scores (comprehensive scores = college entrance examination cultural scores /750*300*50%+ professional unified examination scores *50%),Conduct parallel volunteer selection。

Approved by the Ministry of Education can organize the college examination of art majors,On the basis that the candidates' cultural scores in the college entrance examination reach the minimum control score of Chongqing general undergraduate batch admission, the results of the professional unified examination pass and meet the minimum score requirements specified by the institutions,It is evaluated by colleges and universities according to examinees' scores and students' comprehensive quality,Admission on the basis of merit。

The "Implementation plan" also pointed out that according to the requirements for the selection and training of different art professionals, the minimum control scores for cultural admission of various art college entrance examinations will be classified and gradually increased。2024年起,In principle, the undergraduate cultural admission control line is not less than 75% of the general undergraduate admission control line (dance, performance majors can be appropriately reduced requirements).,Colleges and universities can further raise their admission requirements for cultural scores in the college entrance examination,It must be approved by Chongqing Education Examination and Examination Institute and specified in the school's admission regulations and professional plan information;The requirements for candidates' cultural scores in the admission of art majors in the organization of professional school exams shall not be lower than the minimum control score of Chongqing general undergraduate batch admission。(Reporter Chung Yi)

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